Sheridan Community School Corporation
Bylaws & Policies
Table of Contents

6110Grant Funds
6111Internal Control Standards and Procedures
6112Cash Management of Grants
6114Cost Principles - Spending Federal Funds
6116Time and Effort Reporting
6120Safety Deposit Box
6144Investment Income
6150Tuition Income
6152Student Fees and Charges
6210Fiscal Planning
6220Budget Preparation
6230Budget Hearing
6231Budget Implementation
6325Procurement - Federal Grants/Funds
6423Use of Credit Cards
6440Cooperative Purchasing
6450Local Purchasing
6460Conflicts of Interest and Vendor Relations
6470Payment of Claims
6510Payroll Authorization/Procedures
6520Payroll Deductions
6550Travel Payment and Reimbursement
6610Extra-Curricular Funds/Purchasing
6655School Technology Fund
6800System of Accounting