Sheridan Community School Corporation
Bylaws & Policies


The Board of Managers believes that staff members, like every other key stakeholder in the Cooperative, should have the opportunity to discuss, in an appropriate manner, problems and concerns that affect their ability to fulfill their professional responsibilities.

If a staff member has a grievance under the applicable collectively-bargained agreement, they should follow the procedure described in the negotiated agreement.

If one or more staff members have a nongrievable concern about the behavior of a fellow professional or about some aspect of the operation of the school or Cooperative that is not functioning as it should, or the staff member(s) should make arrangements to discuss the matter with the school principal as soon as feasible.

If the matter is not or cannot be rectified satisfactorily with the principal, the staff member(s) may request a meeting with the Director. The request should be in writing and include:

 A.the specific nature of the problem and a brief statement of the facts giving rise to it;

 B.a brief statement explaining how the staff member(s) is being affected by it;

 C.the action which the staff member(s) wishes to be taken and how such action would rectify the problem.

The Director, after reviewing the request, will either meet with the staff member(s) or provide a written decision explaining the Cooperative's position on the matter.

A written appeal of the Director's decision may be submitted to the Board in accordance with the procedure described in Policy 9130.

Adopted 12/8/00