Sheridan Community School Corporation
Bylaws & Policies
Table of Contents

1100Corporation Organization
1110Assessment of Corporation Goals
1111Control Responsibility
1113School Directory
1130Conflict of Interest
1210Board - Superintendent Relationship
1220Employment of the Superintendent
1230Responsibilities of the Superintendent
1230.01Development of Administrative Guidelines
1240Evaluation of the Superintendent
1241Non-Reemployment of the Superintendent
1260Incapacity of the Superintendent
1400Job Descriptions
1411Required Reports and Protection of Whistleblowers
1422Nondiscrimination and Equal Employment Opportunity
1422.02Nondiscrimination Based on Genetic Information of the Employee
1460Fitness for Duty Examination
1461Unrequested Leaves of Absence
1520Employment of Administrators in Addition to the Superintendent
1521Personal Background Checks and Mandatory Reporting of Convictions and Arrests
1530Evaluation of Administrators
1537Military Service
1543Non-Renewal of Administrative Contracts
1613Student Supervision and Welfare
1615Use of Tobacco by Administrators
1623Section 504/ADA Prohibition Against Disability Discrimination in Employment
1630.01Family & Medical Leaves of Absence ("FMLA")