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NEOLA® provides school districts with a complete service for developing and updating Board Bylaws and Policies, Administrative Guidelines/Procedures, Forms, Staff Handbooks and Student/Parent Handbooks in electronic and printed format. The electronic format supports automatic linking from the table of contents and searching based on key words. NEOLA® is currently working with more than 750 superintendents and school boards in Florida, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin and West Virginia.

NEOLA® retains law firms in each state to provide legal reviews of published materials and to consult on continuing updates. Therefore, the legal accuracy and compliance of proposed revisions can be unequivocally guaranteed, provided, of course, clients do not choose to substantively alter the recommendations.

NEOLA’s® Associates, almost all of whom have served as superintendents, provide most of the direct work with client school districts. They establish a close working relationship with their clients during the drafting of the policy and guidelines/procedures manuals, and then enhance that relationship by visiting at least twice per year to review updates and answer client questions.

Each manual is based on templates that have been thoughtfully prepared by NEOLA's® school law firm from that state and are customized to the district's unique circumstances through choices made by the school board and administrative team.


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