Sciotoville Community Schools
Bylaws & Policies


The Board of Education recognizes the right of each student to attend school for the purpose of receiving an education. The disruption of the educational program of the schools by disorder or any other purposeful activity will not be countenanced.

For purposes of this policy, disorder shall be any deliberate activity by an individual or a group, whether peaceful or violent, which interferes with the normal operation of the school.

The Board, having the responsibility for providing an educational program for the students of this District, shall have the authority to preserve order for the proper functioning of that program.

Students shall not be disturbed in the exercise of their constitutionally guaranteed rights to assemble peaceably and to express ideas and opinions, privately or publicly, provided that such exercise does not infringe on the rights of others and does not interfere with the operation of the schools.

The Superintendent shall develop administrative guidelines for the implementation of this policy.

R.C. 3313.20