Sciotoville Community Schools
Bylaws & Policies


The Board of Education desires to cooperate with those parents who wish to provide for religious instruction for their children but also recognizes its responsibility to enforce the attendance requirements of the State.

Students may be provided "released time" from school to attend a course in religious instruction conducted by a private entity off District property, provided that the following requirements are met, such students will not be considered absent when the:



studentís parent or guardian gives consent in writing;



sponsoring entity maintains attendance records and makes them available to the District;



sponsoring entity provides and assumes liability for the student; and



student assumes responsibility for any missed school work.

Transportation of students to and from Released Time instruction is the complete responsibility of the sponsoring entity, the parent, guardian, and/or student. The Board of Education, its members, and employees are immune from liability for any injuries arising from transportation to and from Released Time instruction. Further, no Board funds will be expended for, and no District personnel shall be involved in the provision of religious instruction.

Students shall not be excused from a core curriculum subject course to attend Released Time instruction.

Staff members shall not promote or discourage participation in release time programs for any religious instructional program.

Nothing herein shall constitute an endorsement of religion or infringe upon an individualís First Amendment rights.

Attorney Generalís Opinion 88-001

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