Rising Sun-Ohio County Community School Corporation
Bylaws & Policies


The School Board believes that attendance at school should occupy a student's full attention and should take precedence over nonschool-related employment.

If a student must work while attending school, s/he should receive counseling and assistance in seeking appropriate job opportunities and in correlating work schedules with school studies and activities.

School corporations may deny a work permit to a student whose academic performance does not meet the school corporationís standards or whose attendance is not in good standing. They also have the right to revoke a work permit previously issued to a student if the school determines that there has been a significant decrease in the studentís grade point average or attendance after s/he begins to work. When it appears that a job is detrimental to a studentís academic status, it is the responsibility of the school to advise the parents and the employer to ensure that the studentís education remains the primary focus.

If the student fails to attend an exit interview or fails to return to school if his/her request to withdraw in accordance with Policy 5130 is denied, then the work permit and driver's license shall be revoked or the application shall be denied.

Should the work permit be revoked at the end of the school year, the student may be allowed to work during the summer while school is not in session. However, such student will lose the work permit at the start of the new school year until s/he meets the attendance and grade standards established by the school for receiving the work permit.

The Superintendent shall prepare guidelines which will ensure that:

 A.student employment complies with Indiana laws;

 B.all students employed in out-of-school jobs are closely monitored by staff regarding school attendance and achievement in order to determine the effects on school performance of the students assuming out-of-school work commitments.

I.C. 9-24-2-1, 20-33-2-28.5