Rising Sun-Ohio County Community School Corporation
Bylaws & Policies


The School Board may sponsor student publications and productions as means by which students learn, under adult direction, the rights and responsibilities of public expression in a free society.

For purposes of this policy, "publications" shall include any audio, visual, or written materials such as tapes, banners, films, pamphlets, notices, newspapers, books, or other like materials. "Productions" shall include theatrical performances as well as impromptu dramatic presentations.

Such publications and productions also play a vital role in the school program by:

 A.interpreting students and the school to the community;

 B.serving as a public relations media;

 C.developing skills in communication via the mass media;

 D.developing acceptable methods for preserving the constitutional provision of free speech.

In sponsoring a student publication or production, the Board is mindful of the fact that it could be available to any student attending this school, and must, therefore, generally be suitable for all students.

Issues on which opposing points of view have been promulgated by responsible opinion may be introduced in a school-sponsored publication provided equal opportunity is given to present each view and provided further that the material generally is acceptable to this community.

Advertising is permitted in school newspapers, yearbooks, programs, etc. which are published by student organizations. Permission should be given by the principal.

The Board reserves the right to designate and prohibit the publications or productions which are not protected by the right of free expression because they violate the rights of others. Such unprotected materials are those which:

 A.are grossly prejudicial to an ethnic, religious, racial, or other delineated group;

 B.libel any specific person or persons;

 C.seek to establish the supremacy of a particular religious denomination, sect, or point of view over any other religious denomination, sect, or point of view;

 D.advocate the use or advertise the availability of any substance or material which may reasonably be believed to:

  1.constitute a direct and substantial danger to the health of students;

  2.contain obscenity or material otherwise deemed to be harmful to impressionable students who may receive them;

  3.incite violence, advocate the use of force, or urge the violation of law or school regulations.

The Board also prohibits publications and productions which:

 A.fail to identify the student or organization responsible for distribution;

 B.solicit funds for nonschool organizations or institutions when such solicitations have not been approved by the Board;

 C.promote, favor, or oppose any candidate for election to the Board or the adoption of any bond issue, proposal, or question submitted at any election.

The decision as whether or not something is published or produced shall be made by the advisor with appeal to the principal and Superintendent.