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The School Board is committed to protect students from individuals not associated with the School Corporation seeking access to students at school, but also recognizes its responsibility to cooperate with law enforcement agencies and Child Protective Services of the Department of Child Services ("CPS").

When an agency such as CPS requests permission to interrogate a student at school, the principal or designee shall attempt to inform the student's parents, unless directed not to do so by the representative of the agency.

When Child Protective Services states a legitimate purpose for questioning or examining a student while the student is entrusted to the Corporation, the principal or designee shall be present throughout the proceedings, unless ordered not to be present by a representative of the agency or a court of law. The principal or designee shall not interfere with the interview or examination if present during the interview or examination.

Law enforcement agencies shall be discouraged from interviewing students on school property unless they are investigating an alleged crime that occurred on school property. If a law enforcement agent interrogates a student on school property, no school representative shall be present during the interview. Rather, any such interrogation shall be considered a law enforcement issue handled by the law enforcement agency.

If a student is interrogated by a law enforcement officer on school property, the principal or designee must make an effort to immediately notify the studentís parent of the interrogation. If immediate notification is not possible, the principal or designee must notify the studentís parent not later than twelve (12) hours after the interrogation occurs.

When an agency or law enforcement official removes a student from school, the principal or designee shall notify the student's parent and the Superintendent before the time the student would normally arrive home on that day.

No student shall be released to an agency, other than a law enforcement agency or CPS, without written parental permission, except in the event of emergency or for the protection of life or property as determined by the principal.

As used in this policy, "student" means any person enrolled in classes other than adult education classes, and is not limited to persons under eighteen (18) years of age.

The Superintendent shall prepare guidelines to promote understanding and cooperation between staff members and students and these agencies.

I.C. 31-30.5-1
Ind. R. Evid. 617

Revised 8/13/15
Revised 8/11/16

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