Rising Sun-Ohio County Community School Corporation
Bylaws & Policies


In recognizing its responsibility to uphold the minimum educational standards of the State of Indiana, the School Board establishes the following policy and criteria regarding the acceptance of credits from nonpublic schools whether they be State-chartered, special, or nonchartered schools.

For credit or course-work to be accepted for courses taken in such schools, either a copy of the charter or other assurance of compliance with minimum requirements established by the State must be provided.

Recognition of credits or course-work shall be granted when the proper assurance and the student's transcript has been received. The Corporation reserves the right to assess such transfer students in order to determine proper placement and to be assured the student can demonstrate the learnings which are prerequisite to a placement.

Although credits from nonpublic schools may be granted and placed on a student's transcript, no grades will be entered on the transcript or considered for class ranking. Only grades awarded for courses taken at the Corporation or at a school approved or certified by a State education agency shall be considered in class ranking and for entering on the transcript.