Rising Sun-Ohio County Community School Corporation
Bylaws & Policies


Non-Corporation employees or community members at large may not be engaged by either the professional (certified) or non-professional (non-certified) staff members of the Rising Sun-Ohio County Community School Corporation for payment or otherwise, to grade homework, classwork, or test papers of students turned in for a grade.

Student work turned in for a grade must be graded by either a teacher or teacher's aide employed by the Corporation. Teacher's aides may grade student papers only under the direction, guidance, and approval of the student's assigned teacher. Substitutes are to grade student work only with the approval of the student's teacher and the building principal in writing with a record maintained of the papers graded by the substitute (See Form 1). Student helpers from the high school may not grade papers. Volunteer workers from the community may not be normally assigned to grade students' papers except with the yearly written or required approval of the building principal and the School Board (See Form 2).

Teachers must, by all means, retain the trust of the student and the student's parent(s) and/or guardian(s) by insuring homework assignments, classwork assignments, tests, and the resulting grades are beyond question as to the proper grading, the proper recording, and averaging for nine (9) week, semester or end of the year grades. Teachers expect students to complete work for a grade to the best of their ability without cheating, or copying from other students, and students expect to have their work graded fairly and correctly and in a timely manner.

Any deviation in the basic Board grading policy must be approved by the building principal and the Board on a case-by-case basis and monitored by the building principal to insure student papers are being graded and recorded in an appropriate manner by qualified personnel. Records should be kept for non-Corporation employees who are deemed by the building principal and the Board qualified to assist teachers in the grading of student papers (See Form 2). Papers not graded by the student's assigned teacher should be signed by the grader along with the date handed in and the date graded (an appropriate cover sheet will be used to record the required information. This cover sheet must be kept on file by the building principal and reviewed by the Board on a semester or yearly basis - See Form 1). Papers assigned to grader and not graded by the student's assigned teacher will be "BASIC" in nature and not work handed in for a major grade. Assignments graded by personnel other than the assigned teacher will be checked by the assigned teacher prior to the recording of a grade. Students in a given classroom may swap papers for in-class grading as directed by the classroom teacher.

Adults who are interested in performing volunteer work or presenting a specific classroom program in a specific Corporation building should make their interests known to the building principal. Volunteers working directly with students must meet basic school regulations and Board policy and must have undergone appropriate screening. Specific classroom programs presented by a volunteer should be approved by the building principal and be aligned with the Indiana State Curriculum Standards as well as the Course Curriculum for that class.

The building principal is ultimately responsible for insuring this Board policy is enforced, appropriate records maintained, and that all student papers graded and recorded for grade are in fact the work of the student and meet the parameters and spirit of this policy.

See Forms RS-OC 5.33.1 and 5.33.2