Randolph County Schools
Table of Contents

7230f1Gifts, Grants, and Donations to the School County
7410f1Maintenance Requisition
7410f2Gymnasium Equipment Safety Checklist
7410f3Inspection Checklist for Playgrounds
7410f4Safety Audit/Inspection Checklist
7410f5Weekly Area Inspection
7430f1Physician's Certification for Use of a Respirator
7430f2Acknowledgement of Training
7430f3Parent Notification and Authorization
7430f4Acknowledgement of PPE Training
7430f5Notice to Staff Members
7440f1Audio/Visual Surveillance Recording Release Form
7455f1Request for Asset Disposal (Transfer)
7510f1Request for Use of School Facilities
7510f2Regulations for Use of Facilities
7510bf1Request for Use of Facilities
7530f1Lending Agreement
7530bf1Check-Out of Technology Equipment/Materials
7530.01f1Cell Phone Reimbursement Request Form
7540f3Acceptable Use Agreement
7540f4Permission to Photograph and Audio- or Video-Record Release to Utilize
7540.01f1Permission to Use/Install Personal Software
7540.01f2Permission to Copy Board-Owned Software
7540.03f1Student Technology Acceptable Use and Safety Agreement
7540.04f1Staff Technology Acceptable Use and Safety Agreement
7543f1One-to-One Student Laptop Loan Form