Randolph County Schools
Table of Contents

6111f1Pre-Submission Review of a Grant Proposal
6111f2Project Abstract
6111f3Evaluation Plan
6111f5Itemized Budget Worksheet
6320f1Verbal Bid Quotation Summary
6320hf1Mileage Reimbursement Form
6423f1Credit Card Log
6423f2Employee's Acknowledgement of Responsibilities in Using the Board of Education's Vendor Issued Credit Card
6423f3Participating Employee's Acknowledgement of Responsibilities in the Purchasing or Travel Credit Card Program
6510f1Regular Duty Time Sheet
6510f2Extra-Curricular/Extra-Duty Time Sheet
6510f5Tutor/Home Instruction Payroll Authorization
6510.01f1Employee Pay
6520f1Requests for Payroll Deductions
6611f1Composite Ticket Sales Report
6611f2Individual Ticket Seller's Report
6620f1Petty Cash Report