Perrysburg EV
Administrative Guidelines


The budget is formulated under the direction of the Treasurer and Superintendent using a cooperative budgeting system in which the Directors and principals develop throughout the year, a list of items for implementing the instructional program, and/or for day-to-day operations in their schools/departments that they wish to include in the next budget. Prior to the start of the budget preparation process, the Treasurer and Superintendent will prepare a Timetable for Budget Preparation (Form 6220 F1) by which the preparation, review, and approval will take place.

By the first Monday of November the Treasurer shall submit to the Superintendent:


The Financial Revenue Report


The Management Appropriations Report


The Spending Plan Projections Report


The Financial Summary Report

By December 1st, the Superintendent shall meet with the Directors and Treasurer to estimate the cost of District-wide operations such as staff, building maintenance, transportation, capital improvements, etc. for the ensuing fiscal year. This information shall be used by the Treasurer to prepare Tax Budget document.

By February 20th, the Superintendent shall project, for internal use only, student assignments and changes necessary to balance the District enrollments for the ensuing fiscal year. These enrollment figures and projections shall be used to predict the need for staff increases or decreases as well as predicting elementary buildings which will have 600 or more student enrollment.

The Superintendent shall meet with building principals, Directors, and the Treasurer by March 10th for the purpose of enhancing revenue and expenditures for the ensuing fiscal year. These recommendation shall be reported to the Board's Finance Committee no later than March 20th.

The Superintendent shall clarify temporary allocations to the principals and Directors by April 1st. The principals and Directors will appropriate the monies to their various accounts, and enter this distribution into a spreadsheet to reported to the Treasurer by April 15th.

The Treasurer will build temporary appropriation accounts for the buildings by April 30th, from which the principals and Directors may approve incumbering of up to seventy percent (70%) of the appropriated amount beginning May 1st. Incumbered purchases will not be processed until the new fiscal year begins.

By October 30th the official enrollment figures will be taken from EMIS records and reported to the Treasurer. The Treasurer will use the enrollment information to adjust the temporary appropriations and the elementary 600 or more student enrollment stipend as needed by November 15th.