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Recognizing that energy efficiency and conservation is in the best interest of the Board, its personnel and students, as well as the taxpaying public, the District shall develop and implement an Energy Management Program (EMP) to control and optimize the cost and consumption of energy and energy-related products.

The EMP will be developed by a District Energy Committee comprised of seven (7) voting members, five (5) of which shall be appointed by the Superintendent and one (1) appointed by the Board from its number and one (1) appointed by USEP. No later than May 30th annually, the assistant superintendent of schools shall forward one (1) name from their membership to the Superintendent for consideration of service for the next fiscal period. The chairman shall be named by the Superintendent from his five (5) appointees. One (1) committee member shall be appointed from each of the following groups:

 A.Energy Management Office

 B.assistant superintendent of schools

 C.United School Employees of Pasco

 D.Construction Services and Code Compliance Department

 E.Food and Nutrition Services Department

 F.Maintenance Services Department


Implementation of the EMP shall be the responsibility of the Superintendent or his designee.

F.S. 1001.41(2)

Revised 3/1/11
Revised 5/16/17

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