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Head lice is a universal problem and is particularly prevalent among elementary school-age children. Control of lice infestation is best handled by adequate treatment of the infested person and his/her immediate household and other close personal contacts. Head lice are spread most commonly by direct head-to-head (hair-to-hair) contact and are not known to spread diseases. However, much less frequently they are spread by sharing clothing or belongings onto which lice have crawled or nits attached to shed hairs may have fallen.

Communication from the school to parents directly and through parent and classroom education to the students will help increase the awareness for both parents and child. Parents need to continually observe their child for this potential problem and treat adequately and appropriately as necessary.

The school nurse or his/her designee shall be the only ones authorized to conduct examinations of students for head lice.

If a student in the Corporation is found to have head lice, the studentís parent will be contacted to have the child treated and to pick him/her up at the end of the school day.

After treatment and upon returning to school, the student will be examined by the school nurse or designee, which may include the principal. The Corporation practices a policy of "no live lice" as the criterion for return to school.

The Superintendent shall prepare administrative guidelines to provide for the implementation of this policy.

Adopted 8/8/16

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