Oregon-Davis School Corporation
Bylaws & Policies


The School Board recognizes that careful, prudent planning is essential to the efficient operation of the schools and that planning must be grounded on accurate data. In order to assure that future Corporation construction supports the educational program and responds to community needs, the Board will prepare a capital construction plan and will revise that plan periodically thereafter. The plan shall include a thorough description and analysis of local and regional demographic factors which influence general population growth and public school enrollments.

In order to apprise the Board of the continuing relevance of the Board's capital construction plan, the Superintendent shall:



annually report to the Board on the number of resident students attending school;



report to the Board on the enrollment by grades during the school year each semester;



conduct a "kindergarten roundup" each spring of the number of students who will be enrolled in the schools of the Corporation in September of the year in which the estimate is made and report the results to the Board.

In planning for the enlargement or modification of its facilities, the Board shall consider not only the number of children whose educational needs must be met, but also the physical requirements of the program it deems best suited to meet those needs. Each school building and site shall provide suitable accommodations to carry out the educational program of the school including provision for the disabled, pursuant to law and regulation.

In the case of a remonstrance to proposed remodeling or construction of a school facility, school facilities and equipment may not be used to respond to the remonstrance unless equal access to such facilities and equipment is provided to persons whose position is in opposition to that of the School Board.

The law prohibits the expenditure of money by the School Corporation to promote a position or to pay for the gathering of signatures on a petition or remonstrance; the use of an employee to promote a position on a petition or remonstrance during the employee’s work hours or paid overtime hours; and using students to transport written materials to their residences including a statement within any other communication sent to the student’s residence.

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511 I.A.C. 21-2-15

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