Oregon-Davis School Corporation
Bylaws & Policies


All contracts obligating the School Corporation or the School Board, whether written or oral, and however named (contract, agreement, amended contract, amended agreement, memorandum of understanding, lease, note, etc.) shall be approved by the Board. Contracts not approved by the Board shall be considered null and void.

The following contracts shall be reviewed by legal counsel before Board approval:

 A.any contract requiring an Opinion of Counsel as a condition of closing a lease, bond, tax warrant, or similar transaction; and

 B.any contract waiving any legal rights of the Corporation or the Board.

Additionally, in order to ensure compliance with all local, State, and Federal ordinances, laws, regulations, applicable case law, and government grant requirements, the Superintendent shall have all contracts, leases, and agreements meeting the criteria specified below reviewed by legal counsel before presentation to the Board for approval:

 A.any contract obligating the Board to take any action other than the payment for the product or service contracted for

 B.any contract obligating the Board to refrain from taking any action

 C.any agreement to settle any lawsuit, claim, dispute, or administrative action

 D.any contract for the sale, lease, or purchase of real estate

 E.any contract for construction, renovation, remodeling, demolition, or other public work

 F.any contract for professional services obligating the Corporation or the Board beyond the current fiscal year

 G.any contract for work or services related to environmental sites or conditions

 H.any contract obligating the Corporation or the Board to make purchases or payment for goods, work, or services on an ongoing basis beyond the current fiscal year

 I.any collective bargaining agreement

 J.any employment agreement

 K.any contract between parents and students

 L.any contract involving intellectual property, including trademarks, copyrights, patents or naming rights

 M.any contract requiring use of a single vendor's products or services

 N.any contract for insurance or surety, fidelity, performance, or payment bonds

 O.any contract for medical or healthcare services

 P.any contract obligating the incurring or repayment of debt, or requiring the Corporation to forego use of similar products or services if the Corporation should choose not to make further appropriations of revenues to fund the lease or contract

Please note that contracts, with limited exceptions such as contracts requiring more than a year to perform or involving the purchase or lease of real estate, may be written or oral. An oral contract may be formed by an offer (by the vendor or the Corporation), and acceptance (by the Corporation or the vendor). This policy applies to both written and oral contracts.

I.C. 20-26-4-8
I.C. 20-26-5
I.C. 32-21-1-1

Adopted 9/18/17

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