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The School Board acknowledges that at times it may be necessary for a student to retake a class or a student may desire to retake a class. The Board authorizes the Superintendent to devise a system for considering a student request to retake a class.

A class may be retaken only if one or more of the following conditions exist:



The student received a grade of C- or below and wishes to better master the content and/or meet the grade requirements for an Academic Honors Diploma.



The student has not passed at least one of the Graduation Qualifying Exams required for graduation and seeks to become eligible for waiver consideration.

The following conditions apply to retaking a class:



A student who is allowed to retake the second semester of a two (2) semester class may also retake the first semester on an audit basis (no credit), with permission of the administration.



No online classes will be accepted in replacement of high school courses used for an Academic Honors Diploma without administrative approval.



When retaking a class for no credit, the word AUD "audit" will be placed on the studentís transcript next to the original grade and this will not be figured into the studentís grade point average (GPA).



If the grade earned) when the class is retaken is higher, it will be placed on the transcript and replace the original grade in the calculation of the GPA.



The grade that is earned in the retake class will be used in the calculation of the GPA, but the new GPA shall render the student ineligible for such awards as valedictorian, and salutatorian.

Adopted 9/16/13
Revised 12/19/16

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