Oregon-Davis School Corporation
Bylaws & Policies



A support staff member may be suspended or terminated, upon a majority vote of the School Board, for violation of the policies of the Board or for any reasons not otherwise prohibited by law. In such cases, the Board shall provide the employee any required procedural due process.


Pursuant to State law, following submission of a resignation to the Superintendent, the employee may not withdraw or otherwise rescind that resignation. A notice of retirement is functionally equivalent to a resignation and thus falls within the meaning of the word "resignation" for purposes of this policy. The Superintendent shall inform the Board of the submission of that resignation at its next meeting. The Board may choose to accept that resignation, deny that resignation, or take any other appropriate action relating to the termination or suspension of employment of the support staff member submitting the resignation. A resignation, once submitted, may not then be rescinded unless the Board agrees.

I.C. 5-8-4-1

Adopted 8/8/16
Revised 9/12/16

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