Oregon-Davis School Corporation
Bylaws & Policies


Employee absence shall be defined and governed as described below:

Authorized Absence

Authorized absence is defined as an absence granted under the specific language of Indiana Statutes, the existing Agreement between the School Board and the exclusive representative of certificated employees, or an action of the School Board in open public meeting. Except as specifically granted by statute or the bargained agreement, all authorized absences shall have the prior approval of the School Board. When emergency situations mandate a decision regarding leave prior to a scheduled School Board meeting, the Superintendent shall render an interim decision subject to ratification by the Board.

Unauthorized Absence

Unauthorized absence is defined as any absence from an assigned place and/or responsibility except those specifically included within the herein defined Authorized Absence. Unauthorized absences are considered in "neglect of duty" as defined by Indiana Statutes and subject to disciplinary action by the Board.

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