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The School Board requires that each employee it employs in a certificated position sign a Regular Teacher Contract, a Supplemental Teacher Contract, or a Temporary Teacherís Contract using the form contract promulgated by the Superintendent of Public Instruction pursuant to I.C. 20-28-6-3, unless the teacher is taking a leave of absence or has been employed to serve in the absence of a teacher who is taking a leave of absence.

Contracts employing professional employees shall be approved by a majority of the full Board and shall be signed by the professional employee and the President and Secretary of the Board in compliance with I.C. 20-28-6-5 and I.C. 20-26-4-8. In the absence of either the President or Secretary of the Board, the Vice President shall sign the contracts with the Board officer who is present.

A contract between the Board and a teacher is void if the teacher, at the time of signing the contract, is bound by a previous contract to teach in a public school and the contract is entered into at any time during the school year or less than fourteen (14) days before the day on which the teacher must report for work. Provided, however, that the Board may offer another contract to the teacher that will be effective if the teacher:



furnishes the principal a release by the first employer; or



shows proof that thirty (30) daysí written notice was delivered by the teacher to the first employer.

A teacher who has entered into a contract with the Board must provide thirty (30) daysí written notice if s/he takes a teaching job with another school corporation after the school year has started or less than fourteen (14) days before the day on which the teacher must report for work.

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