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In order to facilitate parents' ability to fully participate in the IEP process, parents of students with disabilities ordinarily are permitted to audio record IEP Team meetings or case conferences in accordance with the procedures set forth below.



Parent(s) wishing to audio record an IEP Team meeting or case conference must utilize their own recording device and tapes or disks and provide notice to the Corporation prior to the date of the scheduled IEP Team meeting or case conference.



If parent(s) elect(s) to audio record an IEP Team meeting or case conference, the Corporation also will record the meeting/case conference.

For purposes of this policy, a recording is defined as the capture of a personís individual voice through audio and/or video tape, digital, or other electronic means.

Video recording an IEP Team meeting or case conference is strictly prohibited.

The requirements of this policy shall not be interpreted to be in conflict with the provisions of Policy 5136 - Use of Personal Communication Devices as it pertains to recordings. Nor shall the requirements of this policy be interpreted to extend to school-sponsored public events, where there can be no expectation of privacy. A school-sponsored public event is any school-related activity, whether free or at which an admission fee is charged, that members of the public may attend. These include but are not limited to athletic competition, plays, musical performances, awards ceremonies, and graduation. See Policy 9160 - Public Attendance at School Events for additional information about restrictions on recording at such events.

If the Corporation audio records an IEP Team meeting or case conference, the resulting recording shall become a part of the student's educational record and will be maintained in accordance with State and Federal law.

Revised 9/12/16

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