Oregon-Davis School Corporation
Administrative Guidelines


The following guidelines are established to implement the School Board's Policy 8540 on the installation and use of vending machines on school property and in school facilities.



All contracts, relative to the installation, servicing, stocking, and maintenance of the vending machines, must be approved by the Board.



The location of the vending machines within a facility or at other places on Corporation property may be selected by the administrator in charge of the facility or area of Corporation property subject to the approval of the Superintendent.



The purchase of items to restock vending machines will adhere to the requirements of Board Policy 6320.



No food, beverage, or snack items will be dispensed from vending machines available to students during the operational hours of the Food Service Program of the school.



All monies collected from vending machines will be deposited with the school Treasurer in accordance with the current guidelines established by the State Board of Accounts in its Handbook of Instruction for extra-curricular accounts.



The profits from the sale of items in a vending machine will be credited in the following manner:



profit from vending machines available to students will be used for the benefit of the students;



profit from vending machines not available to students may be used for the benefit of school, Corporation, or staff needs.

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