Oregon-Davis School Corporation
Administrative Guidelines


When schools are closed, have been delayed in opening, or are dismissed in accordance with School Board Policy 8220, teachers and bus drivers shall be paid as provided in I.C. 20-28-9-15. Further, I.C. 20-28-9-15 provides that whenever the cancelled instructional day(s) (as defined in I.C. 20-30-2-1 is (are) rescheduled each teacher and each bus driver shall work on that rescheduled day(s) without additional compensation.

Administrators who are employed for less than twelve (12) months, and support staff personnel who are scheduled to work less than twelve (12) months will be in a non-duty status as the two (2) groups identified above and will work when the lost instruction day(s) is (are) rescheduled without additional compensation.

All other personnel will work on the day(s) schools is (are) closed, are delayed in opening, or are dismissed early, and observe their regular work schedule unless they are excused by their supervisor for one (1) of the following reasons:



the physical inaccessibility of their assigned building or work site



the non-availability of the work to be performed on that day



other reasons that are appropriate by current existing circumstances

Personnel who do not perform duty on such days will not receive pay for that day unless properly excused by the supervisor as herein provided or unless they are on a paid leave status. Supervisors will report those employees who do not qualify for pay for such day(s) or are on some paid leave status to the Corporation office.

In those special circumstances when school has been closed, the opening delayed, or for an early dismissal and when, in the supervisor’s judgement, work must be performed and cannot be postponed to a later date, the supervisor may authorize the work to be performed. All special circumstances must be reported in writing to the Superintendent for his/her review.

In the case of a delayed start of school due to weather conditions or other emergencies, no personnel other than twelve (12) month employees are required to report at their regular starting time. All twelve (12) month employees, administrators, and support personnel will report at their regular time unless excused by their supervisor.

A delay in the start of school always has the possibility of being changed to a full day’s closing that would have to be rescheduled at a later date. In normal circumstances, a delay in the opening of school will be for a two (2) hour period. If circumstances require that the delay be for more than the two (2) hour period, the school day will be canceled and then rescheduled at a later day.

Compensation for a partial day, whether the start of the school day is delayed or there is an early dismissal due to weather conditions, or an emergency, will be at the employee’s daily rate of pay.

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