Oregon-Davis School Corporation
Administrative Guidelines

2340B - CORPORATION SPONSORED TRIPS (Co-Curricular and Extra-Curricular)

These trips include athletic trips and are considered part of the total educational program of the Corporation but not part of a course of study. The following general procedures are to be followed for all such trips.



All requests shall be submitted to the building principal on the Trip Request Form in advance of the scheduled trip with the names of all staff members and/or chaperones who will accompany the students.



Upon approval of a trip, the principal shall forward a copy of the pretrip proposal to the Superintendent.



Parental Consent Forms must be returned to the administration before the trip. No student will be allowed to go on the trip unless this form is returned to the administration with the parent's signature. A blanket authorization may be obtained for trips that will consist of a series of trips during the school year.



The list of participating students should be provided to the principal's office prior to the trip.



A copy of each student's Emergency Medical Authorization Form is to be in the possession of the staff member in charge for all trips that are not completed prior to the end of the school day.



Permission may be denied for any one of the following reasons:



failure to comply satisfactorily with pretrip requirements



excessive cost or inadequate funds



excessive number of students taking trips on that particular day



lack of availability of transportation



inadequate provision for student safety and welfare



Any problems that arise during the trip should be brought to the attention of the building principal immediately upon return.



At least one (1) staff member is to remain at the school after the return trip until all students have been picked up.



In the event of any emergency during a trip, the bus driver should contact appropriate persons from his/her emergency list and the teacher in charge should contact the principal.

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