Oregon-Davis School Corporation
Administrative Guidelines
Table of Contents

1100Superintendent's/Principal's Absence From the Corporation
1120Line and Staff Relations
1230.01Administrative Manuals and Handbooks
1400Revising Job Descriptions for Compliance with ADA/504
1411Whistleblower Protection
1422Nondiscrimination and Equal Employment Opportunity
1520Administrator Contract
1521aReports of Convictions and Substantiated Child Abuse or Neglect and Arrest
1530Procedure for Evaluating the Effectiveness of Administrators
1621Federal Group Health Continuation (COBRA)
1623aSection 504/ADA - Prohibition Against Disability Discrimination in Employment
1623bSection 504/ADA - Complaint Procedures Related to Disability Discrimination in Employment
1630.01FMLA Leave
1630.01bFMLA Recordkeeping Requirements
1662aReporting Threatening and/or Intimidating Behaviors