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The Board of Education recognizes that no contract entered into with a member of the administrative staff in accordance with Board Policy 1520 may be suspended except in the manner provided herein. Accordingly, this policy was developed with input from the Districtís administrative staff.

The reasons for which the Board will consider suspending an administratorís contract are:

 A.a decrease in the Districtís enrollment;

 B.a return to duty of an administrator after a leave of absence;

 C.the suspension of schools or territorial changes affecting the District; conditions affecting the District;

 E.reorganization and/or consolidation of administrative functions.

The following procedures will be followed in the event that the Board determines it is necessary to reduce its administrative staff through a suspension of contracts:

If it is necessary to achieve a reduction in the administrative staff, the Board may proceed to suspend contracts in accordance with the recommendation of the Superintendent. Given that administrative positions are not interchangeable, the primary factor in any reduction of administrators will be the best interest of the District.

Any administrator whose contract is to be suspended as the result of a reduction in the administrative staff shall be notified, in writing, of his/her intended suspension at least fifteen (15) calendar days prior to the next regularly-scheduled Board meeting at which the action is to be taken.

The suspension shall not become effective sooner than thirty (30) days after said action.

Administrators whose contracts are suspended pursuant to this policy and who were employed by the District previously under a continuing contract as a teacher or who had a continuing contract as a teacher elsewhere prior to being employed by the District as an administrator and who has served the District for at least two (2) years, shall be offered a position in the District as a classroom teacher in his/her area of certification/licensure, subject to the provisions of Policy 3131 Administrators whose contracts are suspended shall be on the administrative recall list for a period of one (1) year from the last day of active employment by the District, unless the administrator has accepted, prior to such time, other employment.

Administrators who are on the administrative recall list shall have the right of recall only to their prior position (i.e., "Assistant Principal at the Middle School") and only if the Board re-institutes that position. However, the Board will consider such administrators for openings occurring in any other administrative position for which the administrator is qualified and holds the appropriate certification/licensure. The primary factor in filling administrative positions will be the best interests of the District.

An administrator shall be notified of a recall by certified mail as well as by electronic mail and must accept, in writing, the employment within fifteen (15) days of service of the recall notice. It is the administratorís responsibility to maintain a current mailing address and email address with the Board. Failure to accept recall within fifteen (15) days shall be interpreted as an indication that the administrator does not wish to return to active employment in the District and shall result in the removal of the administrator from the recall list. If the recall occurs after August 1st, the administrator must respond in writing within five (5) days or s/he will be removed from the recall list.

R.C. 3319.171

Adopted 10/8/01
Revised 5/14/07
Revised 1/12/15

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