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The Board of Education will provide for the payment of actual and necessary expenses, including traveling expenses, of administrative staff members who in the course of performing services for the District, incur such expenses (whether within or outside the District) provided that an estimate of job related expenses was pre-approved, and upon completion, final expenses were validated and in accordance with Superintendent's administrative guidelines. For out-of-state travel, consideration shall be given to relevant cost-of-living differences.

Pre-approval for estimated travel expenses is required. Staff must complete a Travel Authorization Request and Payment Form (TARP) (Form 3000) and submit it for pre-approval to the building principal or central office administrator.

Reimbursement for job related expenses requires original receipt(s) that show the item(s)that was purchased. Validation of job related expenses and approval for payment will be determined by a central office administrator.

Administrative staff members are expected to exercise the same care incurring travel expenses that a prudent person would exercise if traveling on personal business and expending personal funds. Unauthorized costs and additional expenses incurred for personal preference or convenience will not be reimbursed.

Unauthorized expenses include but are not limited to alcohol, movies, supplemental insurance on rental cars, fines for traffic violations, and the entertainment/meals/lodging of spouses or guests.

An administrator may include the meal cost (including tax and gratuity of professional and/or classified staff members when dining as a team or group. In that case, the meal allowance for the administrator may exceed the meal allowance rate set forth by negotiated contract for bargaining unit members. See AG 1440A, Job Related Expenses for travel reimbursement authorization and procedures.

This policy does not address every issue, exception, or contingency that may arise in the course of travel.

Ohio Ethics Commission Advisory Opinion #91-010

Adopted 5/19/08
Revised 1/24/11
Revised 4/9/12