Orange City School District
Bylaws & Policies


One of the major functions of the Board of Education is to work with the administration to establish the goals by which the District can accomplish its mission and to provide the resources necessary for their accomplishment. Because of the importance the Board places on accomplishing goals, it has established the following policy for effective assessment of the District's progress toward their realization.

In conjunction with its annual evaluation of the Superintendent, the Board shall also provide the time for both the Board and the administration to assess the progress of the District, during the previous year, toward the achievement of current goals. Both the Superintendent's evaluation and the progress-assessment of goals shall take place at a time of the year when the following conditions are most favorable to assure this policy operates as intended.

 A.There is adequate and reliable data available on results-to-date of each District goal (Form 1110 F1) so assessment and evaluation can focus on how well the District is accomplishing its goals.

 B.Evaluations or progress assessments of the District's learning programs as well as evaluations of key administrators and other staff have been completed so such data is available for reference by the Superintendent and Board during the assessment of District goals and the evaluation of the Superintendent.

 C.The Board uses this assessment/evaluation time period to assess the effectiveness of the Board as a whole as well as each Board member (Form 0134 F1).

 D.Summaries and synthesized data, compiled from the evaluation of the Superintendent, the Board's self-assessment, and the evaluation data on programs and staff, are available to serve as reference information when determining the reasons for progress and/or lack of progress toward the accomplishment of District goals.

This annual process of assessing/evaluating the Board, the Superintendent, staff, programs, and resources shall not be considered finished until:

 A.District goals and the strategies and actions being used to accomplish them have been reviewed and reprioritized;

 B.revisions have been made in light of what all of the evaluation data for that year has indicated should be changed and should be continued in order to improve the accomplishment of District goals;

 C.the Board develops and implements a plan to improve its own performance as the body charged with the responsibility for the governing of the District.