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The Board of Education supports the concept of school improvement as established by the State Board of Education and will seek to create and/or maintain effective schools as defined by State guidelines. The Ohio Improvement Process (OIP) is the Ohio Department of Education's (ODE's) strategy for building the capacity of all districts and schools to improve instructional practice and make and sustain significant improvement in student performance against grade-level benchmarks aligned with academic content standards for all students.

In addition to adopting a Mission and Beliefs Statement for the District, the Board shall create, as needed, policies that support the Strategic Planning and Continuous Improvement process.

District and school-level/building leadership teams are responsible for quality planning, implementation, and ongoing monitoring and reporting for all components for improving instructional practice and student performance.

The Superintendent shall provide leadership to District staff in the improvement process in the following core areas: and the decision-making process

 B.focused goal setting process

 C.instruction and the learning process engagement process

 E.resource management process

 F.Board development and governance process

The Improvement Process shall consist of the following stages:

 A.use data to identify areas of greatest need

 B.develop a plan to address those areas of need that is built around a limited number of focused goals and strategies to significantly improve instructional practice and student performance

 C.implement the plan with integrity, and

 D.monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the improvement process in changing instructional practice and impacting student performance

The District shall utilize guidance, technical assistance, and resources provided by ODE as may be appropriate and available.

In order to enhance school improvement, the Superintendent is authorized to waive any policy that has been enacted in order to comply with the following Federal statutes/regulations and to request waivers from these laws/regulations from the Superintendent of Public Instruction:


Titles I, II, IV, VI, and Part C of Title VII of the ESEA Act of 1965


The Carl Perkins Vocational and Applied Technology Education Act


The General Education Provisions Act


Parts of Education Department General Administrative Regulations

In requesting such waivers, the Superintendent is to abide by the procedures established by the State Department of Education.

Goals 2000 - Educate America Act
The Ohio Improvement Process (OIP)

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