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In keeping with its philosophy that the purpose of education is to facilitate the development of the potential of each student, the Board encourages the implementation of a strategic and continuous school improvement and achievement plan.

The principal of each school must coordinate the development of an initial three (3) year strategic and continuous school improvement and achievement plan and coordinate an annual review of the plan. The initial plan and annual review must be made with input from a committee of persons interested in the school including administrators, teachers, parents and community and business leaders. Members of the committee shall be appointed by the principal, except teacher representatives shall be appointed according to state statutes.

The committee must submit a schoolís initial plan to the Superintendent by March 1st prior to the school year of implementation. The Superintendent:

 A.shall review the plan to ensure it aligns with the School Corporationís goals, objectives, and expectations;

 B.may make written recommendation for modifications to the plan;

 C.return the plan and any recommendations to the committee by April 1st.

The school committee may modify the plan to comply with the recommendations of the Superintendent and submit the final recommended plan to the Superintendent for Board approval by May 1st.

The plan shall lay out objectives for a three (3) year period and must be reviewed annually and revised to accomplish the achievement objectives of the school. The achievement objectives must be consistent with State academic standards and include improvement in at least the following areas:

 A.attendance rate

 B.the percentage of students meeting academic standards under the ISTEP program

 C.the graduation rate

The plan must address the learning needs of all students, including programs and services for exceptional students.

The plan must specify how and to what extent the school expects to make continuous improvement in all educational areas where results are measured by setting benchmarks on an individual school basis.

The plan is to note specific areas where improvement is needed immediately.

If a school has developed materials that are substantially similar to a component of the State mandated plan, the school may substitute those materials for the component of the mandated plan.

The Superintendent shall establish administrative guidelines for use in the development of the strategic and continuous school improvement and achievement plan.

I.C. 20-1-1-6.3; 20-7.5-1, 20-10.1-16, 20-10.2-3, 20-10.2-3-3, 20-10.2-8

Adopted 6/00
Revised 8/15/00
Revised 10/17/00
Revised 11/19/01
Revised 5/20/03
Revised 12/04

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