North Knox School Corporation
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2370.02 - FLEX PROGRAM

The School Board recognizes the normal instructional program might not be appropriate for all students, therefore it authorizes the Superintendent to provide a flexible school program for select students.

In order to qualify to be enrolled in this program the student must be in grade eleven (11) or grade twelve (12) and meet any of the following:

 A.failed the ISTEP+ graduation exam at least two (2) times;

 B.been determined to be chronically absent by amassing more than ten (10) unexcused absent days in one (1) school year;

 C.been determined to be a habitual truant;

 D.been significant behind in credits for graduation;

 E.previously undergone at least a second suspension from school during the same school year;

 F.previously been expelled from school; or

 G.been determined by the principal and the studentís parent to benefit by participating in the school flex program.

An eligible student who participates in a school flex program must:

 A.attend at least three (3) hours of instructional time per school day;

 B.pursue a timely graduation;

 C.provide evidence of college or technical career education enrollment and attendance or proof of employment and labor that is aligned with the studentís career academic sequence under rules establish by the Indiana Bureau of Child Labor;

 D.not be suspended nor expelled while participating in the school flex program;

 E.pursue course and credit requirements for a general diploma; and

 F.maintain a ninety-five percent (95%) attendance rate.

The instructional day shall consist of a minimum of three (3) hours of instructional time.

I.C. 20-30-2-2

Adopted 6/06

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