North Knox School Corporation
Bylaws & Policies


The School Board recognizes that each student's education is a responsibility shared by the school and the family. Meaningful family support is critical if a student is to achieve his/her potential.

In order to foster meaningful family involvement, the Board directs the Superintendent to establish a program that both encourages and facilitates parent involvement in their child's educational program. In developing the program, the Superintendent should ensure that the following factors are addressed:

 A.As appropriate to the situation, opportunities are available for the parents to participate in making decisions about their child's educational program and procedural matters that affect the way the child functions in school.

 B.Curriculum objectives are shared with parents and, if curriculum committees are formed, the parents are invited to be members of the committee, when feasible.

 C.When family issues arise that affect the child's effective participation at school, assistance is provided to help the family establish a relationship with special service agencies and support groups in the community.

 D. Mechanisms are incorporated for identifying those in the family or associated with the family who have a significant influence on the child's educational performance and progress.

 E.Information is provided to parents through the parent-student handbooks regarding their legal rights and responsibilities.

 F.Relevant staff members are provided the type of professional development activities that will enhance their effectiveness with parents.

 G.Outreach procedures are in place for encouraging parents who may have limited literacy skills and/or those for whom English is not the primary language.

 H.The various programs, procedures, and practices the Corporation already is implementing are identified and used as the basis for the formulation of any new efforts.

State School Board Resolution, May, 1997

Adopted 5/25/10