North Knox School Corporation
Bylaws & Policies


The North Knox School Corporation Board of Education believes it is part of our mission to provide a positive, orderly, and harmonious environment in which respect for the dignity and worth of every member of the school community is recognized and promoted. The Board believes that all employees, parents/guardians and students are entitled to be treated and are obligated to treat others with courtesy, fairness, and decency. Only through the commitment and ongoing attention of each of us to a safe, caring, and supportive atmosphere can we expect to achieve our objective of enabling all of our students to achieve their maximum potential as students, citizens, and productive members of society.

North Knox Schools has a diverse, multicultural school community; a fact the Board considers an asset and a source of pride and enrichment. This diversity, however, underscores the importance of sensitivity to the backgrounds, feelings, and concerns of students and community members and of meeting the moral imperative of an equal opportunity society free of prejudice and discrimination. Accordingly, in this School District, statements of behavior by any member of the school community which insults, degrades, harasses, or stereotypes any other person on the basis of race, gender, handicap, physical condition, socioeconomic background, ethnic or national origin, sexual orientation, religion, or other similar behavior is unacceptable with zero tolerance.

Revised 1/01