North Knox School Corporation
Table of Contents

5111f1Inability to Provide Certified Birth Certificate
5111f2aResidency Affidavit
5111f2bResidency Verification
5112cf2Appeal-Request for Early Entrance to Kindergarten or First Grade
5120f1Student Transfer Agreement
5120f2Transfer Notification to the Parent(s)
5130f1Elementary School Check-Out Procedure
5130f2Middle School Check-Out Report
5130f3High School Student Check-Out
5130f4Acknowledgement/Consent for Student Withdrawal
5130f5Notice of Exit Interview for Withdrawal from School
5130f6Results of the Exit Interview
5230f1Early Release Form
5330f1Permission for Medication
5330f1aAuthorization for Nonprescribed Medication or Treatment (Secondary Version)
5330f1bMedication Administration Daily Log
5330f1cRemaining Medication
5330f2Student Medication Permit for Administering Prescription Medication by School Personnel
5330f3Authorization for the Possession and Use of Asthma Inhaler/Other Emergency Medication(s)
5330f4Adult Returning Medication
5330f5Self Medication of Inhalers
5330f6Order Replacement Epinephrine Auto-Injector(s)
5330f7Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Emergency Care Plan
5330f8Anaphylaxis Emergency Nursing Protocol Administration Report
5330f8aStanding Order Policy for the Use of Auto-Injectable Epinephrine Administration for Anaphylaxis By School Personnel
5330f8bReport of Epinephrine Administration Indiana Department of Education
5330.03f1Standing Order for the Administration of Naloxone/Narcan By School Personnel
5340f1Accident Report
5340f2Shop Accident Report
5341f1Health Card
5350f1Suicide Report Form
5350f2Assessment of Suicide Risk
5421f1Primary Elementary Report Card
5500f1Student Handbook Certification
5513f1Textbook Condition
5513f2Breaking & Entering/Vandalism Report
5515f1Application to Drive Vehicles on School Property
5517f1Report of Sexual Harassment
5517f2Investigative Report of Alleged Sexual Harassment
5530f2Memorandum to Parents Regarding School Board Policy on Drug-Free Schools
5610f1Notification of Emergency Removal
5610f2Notice of Intent to Suspend
5610f3Notice of Suspension
5610f4Notice of Intended Bus Suspension
5610f5Notice of Bus Suspension
5610f6Notice of Intention to Expel
5610f7Notice of Expulsion
5610.02f1In-School Restriction, After-School Detention, or Saturday Detention
5630f1Consent/Denial for Corporal Punishment
5630.01f1Seclusion and Restraint Incident Form
5722f1Survey of Student Publications and Productions
5771f1Student Locker Assignment Authorization Form
5771f2Record of Student Search and Seizure
5780f1Acceptance of Rights/Responsibilities
5780f2Student Affidavit in Support of a Claim of Emancipation for School Purposes
5830f1Student Fund-Raising Activity
5830f2Parent Permission for Student Participation in Fund-Raising
5830f3Report of Fund-Raising Activity
5880f1Student Performance Request/Report