North Knox School Corporation
Administrative Guidelines
Table of Contents

8120aReports of Arrest, Criminal Charges, Convictions and Substantiated Child Abuse or Neglect
8121Personal Background Check
8121aReports of Arrest, Criminal Charges, Convictions and Substantiated Child Abuse or Neglect
8220School Day
8300Continuity of Organizational Operations Plan
8305Collection, Classification, Retention, Access and Security of Corporation Data/Information
8305aInformation Security Responsibilities
8305cNotification of Information Security Incident
8310aAccess to Public Records
8320Personnel Records
8330Student Records
8351Security Breach of Confidential Databases
8360Use of School Corporation's Internal Mailing System
8400School Safety
8405Environmental Health and Safety Issues
8410Characteristics of a School that is Safe and Responsive to all Children
8410aEarly Warning Signs of Possible School Violence
8410bIdentifying and Responding to Imminent Warning Signs
8410cPrinciples Underlying Intervention
8410dIntervening Early with Students who are at Risk for Behavioral Problems
8410eAction Planning Checklist
8410fCrisis Procedure Checklist
8410gCharacteristics of a Safe Physical Environment
8410hTips for Parents
8420Emergency Procedures
8420aSevere Weather and Tornadoes
8420ePandemics and Other Medical Emergencies
8431Written Hazard Communication Program
8442On-the-Job Injury
8450Management of Selected Casual-Contact Diseases
8451Pediculosis (Head Lice)
8451.01Bed Bug Protocol
8453Routine Procedures for Sanitation and Hygiene When Handling Body Fluids
8453.01Control of Blood-Borne Pathogens
8462Child Abuse or Neglect
8470Registered Sex or Violent Offenders on School Grounds
8500Food Service
8500bMeal Charge Accounts Procedures
8600aUse of Video Cameras on the School Bus
8600bBus Safety Procedures
8600cTransportation for Special Education Students
8610Transportation Route Planning Criteria
8615Vehicle Idling Policy
8620Bus Driver Procedures
8651Nonroutine Use of School Buses
8660Transporting Students by Private Vehicle
8800aReligious Activities/Ceremonies
8800bCare, Custody, and Display of the United States Flag
8800cReligious Expression in the Corporation