North Knox School Corporation
Administrative Guidelines
Table of Contents

7230Public Gifts to the Corporation
7310Disposal of Corporation Property
7430Safety in Schools
7440Plant Security
7440cKey Control Policy
7450Inventory Procedure
7455Asset Acquisition, Transfer, and Disposal
7510aUse of Corporation Facilities
7510bCharges and Priorities for Use of School Facilities
7510cSupervision of Rented Facilities
7510dUse of the Baseball Facilities by Non-High School Teams
7510eWalking, for Fitness, in School Facilities
7530Personal Use of Corporation Equipment/Facilities
7530cCellular Phones
7540Computer Technology/Networks
7540aStaff and Student Training Regarding the Internet
7540.02Web Content and Functionality Specifications
7540.05Proper Use of Corporation-Issued E-Mail Account