Niles Community Schools
Administrative Guidelines


Whenever a student seeks to transfer into the District from a nonaccredited school such as a home school the following procedures should be used to determine the student's proper grade placement or credits toward graduation.

The principal will:

 A.Identify the grade level that the student's age would indicate is the likely grade placement.

 B.Review the courses of study for that grade to determine the critical learnings that would be prerequisite for success at subsequent grade levels or courses.

 C.Review the student's performance (if available) on tests and/or other means of assessment that were used to assess the student's learning while participating in the nonaccredited school. Determine whether the critical learnings identified in the District's courses of study were properly assessed and, if so, how well the student has achieved each critical learning.

 D.If no prior assessment data is available, identify which tests (standardized or District-made) as well as other means of assessment (research project, term paper, and the like) could be used to assess the student's achievement of the critical learnings and arrange for the student to be assessed.

 E.If the assessment so indicates, assign the student to the grade or course level suggested at the first step (with or without special assistance).

 F.Make arrangements for any form of special assistance that will be needed for the student to succeed at that level.

 G.If the assessment indicates that another grade or course level is more appropriate, register the student in that grade or course level and make whatever arrangements are necessary to provide for any needed assistance indicated by the assessment.