Metropolitan School District of New Durham Township
Bylaws & Policies


The School Board acknowledges that conduct is closely related to learning and that an effective instructional program requires an orderly school environment, which is, in part, reflected in the behavior of students.

The Board believes that the best discipline is self-imposed and students should learn to assume responsibility for their own behavior and the consequences of their actions.

The Board requires each student of this District to adhere to the Code of Conduct promulgated by the administration and to submit to such disciplinary measures as are appropriately assigned for infraction of those rules. Such rules shall require that students:

 A.conform to reasonable standards of socially-acceptable behavior;

 B.respect the person and property of others;

 C.preserve the degree of order necessary to the educational program in which they are engaged;

 D.respect the rights of others;

 E.obey constituted authority and respond to those who hold that authority.

The Superintendent will promulgate administrative guidelines for student conduct which carry out the purposes of this policy and:

 A.are not arbitrary but bear a reasonable relationship to the need to maintain a school environment conducive to learning; not discriminate among students; not demean students; not violate any individual rights constitutionally guaranteed to students.

The Superintendent will designate sanctions for the infractions of rules, excluding corporal punishment, which:

 A.relate in kind and degree to the infraction; the student learn to take responsibility for his/her actions;

 C.are directed, where possible, to reduce the effects of any harm which may have been caused by the student's misconduct.

The Superintendent shall publish to all students and their parents the rules of this District regarding student conduct, the sanctions which may be imposed for breach of those rules, and the due-process procedures that will be followed in administering the Code of Conduct. Students will be provided a form which is to be signed and returned to the school principal confirming that the Code of Conduct has been read and is understood. Failure to return the form shall have no effect on the utilization of the disciplinary actions contained in the Code with that student.

The Superintendent may appoint a committee of staff members, students, and parents to review rules of student conduct annually and to advise on alterations and modifications.

Teachers and other employees of this Board having authority over students shall have the authority to take such means as may be necessary to control the disorderly conduct of students in all situations and in all places where such students are within the jurisdiction of this Board and when such conduct interferes with the educational program of the schools or threatens the health and safety of others.

No student is to be detained after the close of the regular school day unless the student's parent has been contacted and informed that the student will be detained or other suitable transportation arrangements have been made.

I.C. 20-33-8-1 et seq.