Morgan County Schools
Bylaws & Policies


Any requests from civic institutions, charitable organizations, special interest groups or others which involve such activities as patriotic functions, contests, exhibits, sales of products to and by students, promotional or informational materials for students, graduation prizes, fund-raising, and free teaching materials must be carefully reviewed by the Superintendent or his/her designee.

It is the policy of the Board of Education that students, staff members, and County facilities shall not be used for commercial advertising or for promoting the interests of any nonschool agency or organization, public or private.



Commercial Interests


Outside speakers representing commercial organizations will be permitted only with the approval of the building administrator and when the commercial aspect is limited to naming the organization represented and the subject matter advances the educational goals of the Morgan County Schools.



Political Materials


No political advertisements or other partisan materials shall be permitted for use in curricular or co-curricular programs; however, professional personnel may use political materials if the use is not for partisan purposes, the use relates to approved curriculum and the use has been approved, in advance, by the building administrator.





The Board recognizes that contests, exhibits, and the like may benefit individual students or the County as a whole, but participation in such special activities may not:



have the primary effect of advancing a special product, group, or company;



make unreasonable demands upon the time and energies of staff or students or upon the resources of Morgan County Schools;



involve any direct cost to Morgan County Schools;



interrupt the regular school program;



cause the participants to leave the County unless:



the Board's Policy for Field and Other District sponsored Trips has been complied with in all aspects;



the Board has approved the trip; and



the parents of any minor students have granted their permission.



Distribution/Posting of Literature


No outside organization or staff member or student representing an outside organization may distribute or post literature on that organization's behalf on Morgan County Schools property either during or after school hours except at the times and in the locations established for any such activity at each school or other county school facility and, further, without the permission and prior review of the Superintendent, principal, and/or the Board.


The Superintendent shall establish administrative guidelines which ensure compliance with the Equal Access Act and related State policies.


The school mail system is not used by students or staff for distribution of nonschool-related materials.


No materials from any profit-making organization are distributed for students to take home to their parents unless authorized by the Superintendent.


The time, place, and manner of distribution of all nonschool-related materials is clearly established and communicated.


Any literature distributed or posted pursuant to this policy shall contain the following disclaimer:


"Neither the Morgan County Board of Education nor any of its agents or employees sponsor or endorse this club/group/organization. The views expressed may or may not reflect those of the county or school administration are neither approved or disapproved by them."



Solicitation of Funds


The Board of Education shall not permit any organization not related to the Morgan County Schools to solicit funds on Morgan County Schools property.


Permission to solicit funds will be granted only to those organizations or individuals who meet the permission criteria established in the County's administrative guidelines. Solicitation must take place at such times and places and in such a manner as specified in the administrative guidelines.





The Board is appreciative of the generosity of organizations which offer scholarships or prizes to deserving students in this County. But, in accepting the offer of such scholarships or prizes, the Board directs that these guidelines be observed:



No information, either academic or personal shall be released from the student's record for the purpose of selecting a scholarship or prize winner without the permission of the student who is eighteen (18) years of age, or the parents of a student who has not reached the age of majority in accordance with the Board's policy on student records.



The type of scholarship or prize, the criteria for selection of the winner, and any restrictions upon it shall be approved by the Superintendent and/or the principal.



The principal, together with a committee of staff members designated by the principal, may be involved in the selection of the recipient and, if agreeable to the sponsoring organization, the selection shall be left entirely to the principal and staff committee.



Sale of School Supplies


In determining the appropriateness of the sale of school supplies by organizations other than Morgan County Schools, the Board requires that:



the organization has a purpose which will benefit the County and its students;



the organization's planned activities are clearly in the best interest of the County and its students;



the organization has submitted the following information and assurances on the form provided by Morgan County Schools: a statement noting the purpose of the organization, financial accountability assurances, and use of facility assurances.


All funds generated by the sale of such school supplies shall be kept separate from other activity funds or other transactions of the Board.



Surveys and Questionnaires


Neither County-related nor noncounty-related organizations shall be allowed to administer a survey or questionnaire to students or staff unless the instrument and the proposed plan is submitted, in advance, to the Superintendent. If approved, a copy of the results and the proposed manner of their communication are to be provided to him/her for review and approval before they are released.

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