Morgan County Schools
Bylaws & Policies


It is recognized that parent-teacher associations, booster groups and many other school support organizations provide an essential function in the support and funding of various curricular and extra-curricular programs offered by the public schools. Countless hours are devoted by teachers, parents, and other school supporters in fund raising activities to provide the funds and donate the uniforms, equipment and other supplies necessary for such programs. Without this support, many schools would not have the financial resources to provide many of the programs that are being provided to students.

The Board of Education appreciates the efforts of all organization whose objectives are to enhance the educational experiences of County students, to help meet educational needs of students and/or to provide extra educational benefits not provided for, at the time, by the Board. These needs may be educational to parents and/or students.

Each volunteer organization shall work within the appropriate school setting and in cooperation with the principal and other staff members and shall abide by the policies of the Board.

Each group shall establish bylaws and be governed by an elected board of directors consisting of at least a president, a vice president, a secretary and a Treasurer. The bylaws shall be submitted to the Superintendent for review and approval.

By the end of October of each year, each group shall submit its tentative goals and objectives along with its fund-raising plans for the next school year to the principal for review and approval. A list of all groups that will be collecting funds in the name of the school shall be approved by the Board in advance of the event. Should the goals and objectives or fund-raising plans change during the school year, the principal is to be advised before any final revisions are made.

The Superintendent shall implement administrative guidelines which ensure that each group's fund-raising activities are in compliance with Board policies and that the funds are used for school-related projects that have the approval of the Superintendent and the principal.

The Board requires that annual financial statements be provided by any group that collects money in the name of the school.

W. Va Code 18-5-13
W. VA State Board of Education Policy 1224.1