Morgan County Schools
Bylaws & Policies

9150 - Employee/Visitor Identification

The Morgan County Board of Education believes that a safe and secure learning and working environment is paramount in providing the best possible educational program for the students of our county.

Accordingly, to better identify employees and to help assure that other visitors entering a school system facility are authorized, identification badges shall be required.

Picture identification badges shall be issued to all employees, including: regular, substitute, part-time/temporary, extracurricular or others serving in any employee capacity; visitors, including but not limited to parents, volunteers, and contractors or service providers such as: vendors, delivery personnel, service technicians or others seeking to conduct business in the facility, must report to the office area designated by the principal or administrator to register, state business and request authorization to enter a facility. Upon proper authorization, these visitors shall be provided a visitorís identification badge. Visitors who may cause an interruption or disruption to the education process shall not be authorized for access.

The identification badge must be worn at all times during the work day while on school property by each employee and at all times by visitors during a school day while in a facility or while authorized to be on school property; additionally any school employee performing duties or responsibilities related to an extracurricular or other after school programs shall be required to wear the identification badge.

The principal or administrator is responsible for assuring that all employees and visitors are wearing the identification badges pursuant to this policy. The identification badge must be prominently displayed so it is readily visible. The principal or administrator may modify the requirements for wearing the identification badge because of particular working conditions or because of specific facility circumstances such as am/pm drop-off/pick-up of students by parents.

The identification badges and break-away lanyards for employees will be provided by the board. If an employee forgets, misplaces, or loses their identification badge, he/she is responsible for immediately requesting a generic identification badge from the principal or administrator. If an employee requires a new identification badge, the principal or administrator shall contact the superintendentís office. Employees who resign, retire, or are otherwise separated from employment shall be required to return their identification badge and lanyard to the principal or administrator.

Generic Visitor identification badges will be provided by the board for each school or facility. The principal or administrator shall require that the badge be returned to the registration office. In lieu of using the identification badge, the principal or administrator may elect to use disposable stickers provided by the board for visitor identification; additionally the principal or administrator may accept a companyís identification badge (example: technician, contractor, food delivery person) provided the visitor has appropriately registered or otherwise scheduled visitation hours with the principal or administrator; and further provided that, effective 7/1/07 contractors, service providers or their employees may not make direct contact with students or access school grounds when students are present unless they are accompanied by a designated school employee or unless it has been verified that they have not been previously convicted of a criminal offense as defined in WV Code. Accordingly, all contractors, service providers, and their employees shall be required to verify the criminal records of their employees in writing to the superintendent or designee before access is authorized.

The failure of an employee to wear an identification badge in accordance with this policy shall result in:

 A.First offense during a school year:  
  Verbal warning by principal or administrator. A generic identification badge will be issued to the employee by the principal or administrator.

 B.Second offense during a school year:  
  Written warning by school principal or administrator. A generic identification badge will be issued to the employee by the principal or administrator.

 C.Third offense and beyond during a school year:  
  Written reprimand by principal or administrator and referral of the employee to the superintendentís office for additional action as warranted. A generic identification badge will be issued to the employee by the principal or administrator.

For visitors who fail to comply with this policy, the principal or administrator shall:

 A.Remind the visitor of the policy requirements.

 B.Ask the visitor again to wear the identification badge.

 C.Ask the visitor to leave the facility if they do not comply with the request.

 D.Notify law enforcement of a trespass if the visitor does not comply with the request.

 E.Deny further access to facility until visitor complies with policy.

Annually, the principal or administrator shall provide information as appropriate to employees and visitors concerning this policy; additionally, the principal shall provide awareness information for students relative to the identification of employees and visitors.

For the purpose of this policy, "principal" shall mean principal or assistant principal of a school and "administrator" shall mean the central office administrator responsible for supervising a central office facility (central office, bus garage/transportation, maintenance warehouse). School system facility shall include all buildings and property owned by the board.

WV Code 18-5-13