Morgan County Schools
Bylaws & Policies


The Board of Education may, from time to time, establish citizen advisory committees. All appointment of citizens to advisory committees shall be approved by the Board. All appointments of staff members to citizen advisory committees shall be made by the Superintendent. Staff members shall never constitute more than a minority of any such committee. Every effort shall be made to ensure that the makeup of an advisory committee is as truly representative of the community as possible. The chairperson of an advisory committee shall be chosen from among the lay members. Board members may be ex-officio members of an advisory committee.

Correspondence between the Board and its committees shall ordinarily be conducted by the Superintendent. The Superintendent shall transmit the contents of any communication from a committee to the Board timely, generally at the next meeting of the Board. When a committee is ready to submit a report on its assigned topic, the Superintendent shall arrange a meeting for the purpose of receiving the report.

The Board shall have the sole power to dissolve any of its advisory committees and shall reserve the right to exercise this power at any time during the life of any committee.

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