Morgan County Schools
Bylaws & Policies


The Board of Education authorizes the transportation by private vehicle of students of the County.

Any such transportation must be approved in advance and in writing by the Principal in accordance with the Superintendent's administrative guidelines.

An employee shall be prohibited from using the employee's own vehicle to transport, without prior written permission, a student to his/her home or other location with the oral approval by the parent if that student is in need of and is without alternate adequate means of transportation due to an emergency.

The parent of the participating student will be given, on request, the name of the driver and the description of the vehicle.

No person shall be approved for the transportation of students in a private vehicle who is not an employee of this Board, the parent of a student enrolled in this County, and the holder of a currently-valid license to operate a motor vehicle in the State of West Virginia. Unless otherwise stated, the above persons are limited to transporting nine (9) or fewer students in a vehicle.

Students may be transported to a school-sponsored activity in a vehicle that has a seating capacity of sixteen (16) or more passengers which is not owned and operated by the Board but only if the owner proves to the Board that the vehicle and driver satisfy requirements established by the State Board.

No person shall be permitted to transport students who is not the holder of automobile liability and personal injury insurance in the amount required by County administrative guidelines. The Superintendent may withdraw the authorization of any private vehicle driver whose insurance is not adequate.

Additionally, every driver who transports a child under the age of eight (8) years in a passenger automobile, van or pickup truck other than one operated for hire shall, while the motor vehicle is in motion and operated on a street or highway of this State, provide for the protection of the child by properly placing, maintaining and securing the child in a child passenger safety device system meeting applicable Federal motor vehicle safety standards, provided, that if a child is under the age of eight (8) years and is at least four (4) feet nine (9) inches tall, a safety belt shall be sufficient to meet the requirements of this policy.

Any private vehicle used for the transportation of students must be owned by the approved driver or the spouse of the approved driver and must conform to registration requirements of the State.

The responsibility of professional staff members for the discipline and control of students will extend to their transportation of students in a private vehicle. Drivers who are not professional staff members are requested to report student misconduct to the principal.

WV Code 18-5-13 and 17C-15-46
West Virginia Board of Education Policy 4334 and Policy 4336