Morgan County Schools
Bylaws & Policies


The Board of Education will permit school buses, to be used for purposes other than regularly-scheduled routes to and from school in accordance with law and rules of the State, provided such trips do not interfere with routine school transportation services.

School buses may be used to provide transportation for participants in projects operated, financed, sponsored or approved by the Bureau of Senior Services. This transportation shall be provided at no cost to the Board. All costs and expenses incident in any way to this transportation shall be borne by the Bureau or the local County affiliated of the Bureau.

The Board may lease school buses to any:

 A.public and private nonprofit organizations and private corporations to transport school-age children for camps or educational activities;, university or officially recognized campus organization for transporting students, faculty and staff to and from the college or university;
  Only college and university students, faculty and staff may be transported.

 C.public and private nonprofit organizations, including education employee organizations, for transportation associated with fairs, festivals and other educational and cultural events.

School buses leased to outside entities shall be at no cost to the Board. All costs and expenses incident in any way to school buses leased to outside entities, including compensation for bus operators, consideration for insurance coverage and the cost of service and repairs, shall be borne by the outside entity in accordance with administrative guidelines and as required by the terms of the lease agreements.

Leased buses may be operated only by bus operators regularly employed by the Board.

Drivers shall be selected for nonroutine trips as per Policy 4250 Extra Duty Assignments and WV Code 18A-4-8b(f).

The Superintendent shall develop administrative guidelines which should include fees in addition to the charges above, provision for insurance coverage, rules concerning student behavior and the requirement that chaperones accompany each school bus trip involving school age passengers whose responsibility it will be to assist the staff member(s) in maintaining passenger control and in enforcing procedures for the safety of all passengers.

West Virginia State Board of Education Policy 4336