Morgan County Schools
Bylaws & Policies


The Board of Education recognizes the importance of good nutrition to each student's educational performance.

The Board shall provide needy children the opportunity for a breakfast and lunch at a reduced rate or at no charge.

Children, eligible for free or reduced-price meals, shall be determined by the criteria established by the Child Nutrition Act and National School Lunch Act. These criteria are issued annually by the Federal government through the State Department of Education.

The Board designates the Child Nutrition Director to determine in accordance with USDA Guidelines standards, the eligibility of students for free and reduced-price meals.

The schools shall annually notify all families of the availability, eligibility requirements, and application procedure for free and reduced-price meals by distributing an application to the family of each student enrolled in the school.

The Superintendent shall prepare and implement the necessary arrangements and guidelines to ensure proper operation of this program. S/He shall ensure that, by September 1st, the appropriate policy statement (WVDE 43-10-11), Annual School Information for the School Lunch, School Breakfast and Special Milk Program, and Criteria for Determination of Severe Need Schools School Breakfast Program are properly completed and submitted for approval to the Office of Child Nutrition, Division of Administrative Services, of the State Department of Education.

Additionally, the Superintendent shall ensure that the following claims and reports are timely filed: the 10th of each month; monthly Claim for Reimbursement (WVDE 43-10-30) (tenth of the month following the monthly period being claimed) August 28th; biannually: approved Wellness Policy received with any current revisions (OCN Guidance Memo 86-12) September 10th: Annual Agreement Information Update (WVDE-ADM-119); Memorandum of Understanding and Site Information for School Breakfast, Lunch, Snack, CACFP, SFSP and Special Milk Programs (WVDE-ADM-04) October 1st: annually, written evaluation detailing progress made and identifying improvement in the goal areas (OCM Guidance Memo 86-12) October 15th, January 14th, April 15th, and July 15th: Quarterly Financial Report (WVDE-ADM-30) or 43-10-31) or F-Master September 30th: Annual Report (WVDE-ADM-119 or 43-10-32) October 1st: Verification. Draw sample based on the number of free/reduced price meal applications on file October 1st October 31st: Civil Rights Information (SFA racial, ethnic data to be maintained on file at respective SFA)

 I.November 15th, February 15th: Verification follow-up activity for non-respondents who reapply. Record results of follow-up activity on the Verification Data Collection Sheet, number 12

 J.November 30th: Notify WVDE of Verification Extension November 15th: Complete verification Process February 1st: Complete SFA site monitoring

 M.March 1st: submit electronic file, Form FNS-742, and one signed copy of the Verification Data Collection Sheet April 15th: Food Service Budget Worksheet and Summary Report

unless extensions or deadline changes are imposed by the West Virginia Department of Education.

W.VA. State Board Policy 4320 and Policy  4321.1
W.VA. Code 18-5-37
42 U.S.C. 1751 et seq.
42 U.S.C. 1771 et seq.