Morgan County Schools
Bylaws & Policies


The Board of Education recognizes that an employee or former employee's request to an administrator for a letter of reference is an opportunity to share information about the staff member's performance with a prospective employer or other interested party. A current or former employee shall have no expectation that a letter of reference will be written upon request. The decision to comply with such a request shall be solely at the discretion of the administrator.

If an administrator opts, however, to prepare a reference letter, the Board expects that administrator to provide specific and truthful comments concerning the employee or former employee's actual performance that can be substantiated by the administrator's personal knowledge and, in the case of negative comments, by documentation included in the individual's personnel file.

No letters of reference shall be provided on behalf of any employee or former employee unless there is a signed and dated authorization for the release of such information included in the pertinent personnel file.

In accordance with law, an administrator who, in the scope of his/her employment, provides a letter of reference may be entitled to a qualified privilege for statements included in that reference letter, provided such statements were made in good faith, without malice, and in accordance with this policy.

The Superintendent shall develop the administrative guidelines necessary to implement this policy.