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The Board of Education requires the Superintendent to review the property of the District periodically and to dispose of that material and equipment which is no longer usable in accordance with the terms of this policy.



Instructional Material


The District shall review instructional materials (i.e. textbooks, library books, manuals, support materials, etc.) periodically to determine the relevance of such materials to the present world and current instructional programs. The following criteria will be used to review instructional materials for redistribution and possible disposal:



concepts or content that do not support the current goals of the curriculum



information that may not be current



worn beyond salvage





The District shall inspect the equipment used in the instructional program periodically, to determine the condition and usability of such equipment in the current educational program. Should the equipment be deemed no longer serviceable or usable, the following criteria will be used to determine possible disposal:



repair parts for the equipment no longer readily available



repair records indicate equipment has no usable life remaining



obsolete and/or no longer contributing to the educational program



some potential for sale at a school auction



creates a safety or environmental hazard






Disposal of Real Property – See Policy 7300.



Disposal of Personal Property:


At any time the Board determines that any personal property, including equipment, portable building, or motor vehicle, (including school bus), school furniture, computers, or other personal property is no longer needed for school purposes, the Purchasing Director, in cooperation with the Chief School Business Official may declare the property surplus and dispose of the property in the most economical method for the benefit of the Board.


The property may be disposed of in several ways: discarded or junked if it is determined not to have any salvageable value, traded in towards the purchase of a replacement item, sold at public auction, by competitive bid to the highest bidder, by fixed price, or contributed to:



the State or political subdivisions, including county commissions or agencies thereof;



a private, nonprofit, tax-exempt organization having been granted tax-exempt status by IRS Code 501(c) (3) through (8) inclusive, (19) or (23) for nominal consideration, provided that the property is for charitable, economic development or other community use.


Board employees and members of their immediate family are not eligible to buy or receive surplus property belonging to the Board unless the surplus property is offered to the general public for sale.


The sale of the surplus property must be conducted by the purchasing director or designee at a central location.


The determination that property is no longer needed for school purposes and the sale of the property cannot be made at the school or cost center level.



Disposal of Equipment Purchased From a Federal Grant:


When original or replacement equipment acquired under a Federal award is no longer needed for the original project or program or for other activities currently or previously supported by a Federal awarding agency, the District shall request disposition instructions from the Federal awarding agency if required by the terms and conditions of the Federal award. Disposition of the equipment will be made in accordance with disposition instructions of the Federal awarding agency.


Items of equipment with a current per unit fair market value of $5,000 or less may be retained, sold or otherwise disposed of with no further obligation to the Federal awarding agency.


Except as provided in subsection 200.312 Federally-owned and exempt property, paragraph (b), or if the Federal awarding agency fails to provide requested disposition instructions within 120 days, items of equipment with a current per unit fair-market value in excess of $5,000 may be retained by the non-Federal entity or sold. The Federal awarding agency is entitled to an amount calculated by multiplying the current market value or proceeds from sale by the Federal awarding agency’s percentage of participation in the cost of the original purchase. If the equipment is sold, the Federal awarding agency may permit the non-Federal entity to deduct and retain from the Federal share $500 or ten percent (10%) of the proceeds, whichever is less, for its selling and handling expenses.


The District may transfer title to the property to the Federal Government or to an eligible third party provided that, in such cases, the District shall be entitled to compensation for its attributable percentage of the current fair market value of the property.

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