Morgan County Schools
Bylaws & Policies


The Board of Education recognizes that careful, prudent planning is essential to the efficient operation of the schools and that planning must be grounded on accurate data. In order to assure that future County construction supports the educational program and responds to community needs, the Board will prepare a ten (10) year Comprehensive Educational Facilities Plan (CEFP) and update it annually. The CEFP shall address the facilities and major improvement needs of the County and include up-to-date projections of student enrollments. The plan shall include a thorough description and analysis of local and regional demographic factors which influence general population growth and public school enrollments. The guidelines pertaining to quality educational facilities must require that a facilities plan address how the current facilities do not meet and how the proposed plan and any proposed project does meet the following goals:

 A.student health and safety;

 B.economies of scale, including compatibility with similar schools that have achieved the most economical organization, facility utilization and pupil-teacher ratios;

 C.reasonable travel time and practical means of addressing other demographic considerations;

 D.multicounty and regional planning to achieve the most effective and efficient instructional delivery system;

 E.curriculum improvement and diversification, including computerization and technology and advanced senior courses in science, mathematics, language arts and social studies;

 F.innovations in education;

 G.adequate space for projected student enrollments; and

 H.each facilities plan must address the history of efforts taken by the County Board to propose or adopt local school bond issues or special levies.

The Board shall also develop a ten (10) year school Major Improvement Program (MIP). An MIP is defined as a construction/maintenance project with a cost greater than fifty thousand dollars but not exceeding five hundred thousand dollars which meet the following goals:

 A.student health and safety including but not limited to critical health and safety needs; and

 B.economies of scale including scheduled preventive maintenance, provided that each county Board’s school maintenance plan shall address scheduled maintenance for all facilities within the County.

The MIP shall coexist with the County Comprehensive Educational Facilities Plan (CEFP) and together address the renovation, repair and safety upgrading of existing facilities and equipment, building systems, utilities and other similar items in connection with renovations, repair and upgrading of facilities.

In order to apprise the Board of the continuing relevance of the Board’s CEFP, the Superintendent shall:

 A.annually report to the Board on the CEFP update; to the Board on the enrollment by grades during the school year annually;

 C.conduct a kindergarten enrollment each spring for the students who will be enrolled in the schools of the County in the following year and report the results to the Board;

 D.prepare student enrollment projections every year and compare the actual enrollment figures to the previously projected figures to detect early, for the benefit of the Board, and any changes in enrollment trends.

In planning for the enlargement or modification of its facilities, the Board shall consider not only the number of children whose educational needs must be met, but also the physical requirements of the program it deems best suited to meet those needs. The County shall provide suitable accommodations to carry out the educational program of the school including provision for the disabled, pursuant to laws and regulation.

WV State Board of Education Policy 6200
WV Code 18-9D-16